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GPR Applications

Concrete Scanning & Assessment

Locate rebar, pipes, & other utilities in concrete and inspect structures for quality & maintenance.

Utility Locating

Systems for locating buried utility lines and pipes underground.

Forensic & Law Enforcement

Find buried evidence such as bodies, weapons, caches of drugs, & tanks.

Road & Bridge Inspection

Measure pavement thickness, find cuts & cracks. Inspect Asphalt Layers. Inspect Bridge decks.


Integrity inspection, deterioration analysis, slab cutting, and crack imaging.

Mining & Quarrying

Locate tunnels. Geo-technical & Geophysical Surveying. Use GPR for mineral exploration.

Geo-technical & Environmental

Geophysical subsurface imaging. Ground water conditions.

Archaeological Survey

Detect ancient foundations and historic infrastructure. Non-destructive ground scanning.


Locate buried devices, unexploded ordnance (UXO), and tunnels.

Agriculture & Forestry

Check soil, material alteration or degradation in natural biological materials.

Ice & Snow

Scan Ice-bridge and glaciers. Measure thickness of snow & Ice.

Custom Solutions

Some applications include systems for complex Geological/Geophysics/Civil Engineering Survey.


LMX® Utility Locator

Ground penetrating radar to detect both shallow and deep targets simultaneously.

Conquest® 100

Scan concrete structures such as walls & locate utility, conduits, post-tension cables, and rebar/reinforcing.


Noggin® GPR systems have been recognized by leading researchers as providing the highest quality GPR data in the world. They are also built to perform in the most demanding conditions around the globe.


pulseEKKO® GPR systems provide unparalleled performance with a wide-range of frequencies for applications ranging from deep mineral exploration and glaciology to high-resolution geotechnical investigations and concrete imaging.

EKKO_Project™ GPR Software

The EKKO_Project™ software makes complex GPR analysis easy with intuitive tools to organize, edit, process and plot your GPR data. Powerful visualization, analysis and integration tools allow you to quickly and easily produce impressive reports.


FINDAR® uses ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology to enable law enforcement to quickly and effectively search for evidence buried under the ground.


Winter ice roads and bridges are a common transportation link in the northern regions of Canada, Alaska, Europe and Russia.


Ski Resort snow management use SnowScan® to evaluate snow thickness in real time, resulting in lower snow making costs and better snow conditions.

Rescue Radar™

Rescue Radar™ is designed for rapid deployment by Search & Rescue teams all around the world to quickly find survivors trapped beneath the surface.
Determining the presence of life is of utmost importance following a disaster and Search & Rescue teams need to rapidly assess where to focus their resources in the initial hours following the catastrophe.


The SPIDAR® family of GPR enable networking of multiple channels and multiple frequencies for a wide variety of applications. SPIDAR® allows Noggin and pulseEKKO GPR units to be interconnected providing a fully customizable multi-channel GPR platform.

Our GPR systems empower informed decision-making

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Rental Services

At Sensors & Software you can confer with our GPR applications specialists to determine which system is best suited to your application. We are just an email or phone call away. We rent a wide variety of Sensors & Software GPR equipment to meet our customer needs.

GPR Training

Sensors & Software is committed to advancing the skill level of all GPR users. We regularly present live webinars on relevant GPR topics including GPR data interpretation and processing. Webinars are recorded and available below. Make sure you are on our mailing list to receive invitations to upcoming webinars.

No Survey Too Big Or Too Small

Sensors & Software manufactures instrumentation, including ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems, to deliver subsurface imaging solutions to customers worldwide. Understanding what lies beneath the surface of materials like soil, rock, rubble, pavement, concrete, water, ice, and snow open endless possibilities. Our subsurface imaging solutions empower informed decision-making. The combination of our diverse expertise, years of experience, world-leading products, and responsive services enables the delivery of practical and effective solutions that meet the needs of our customers. In a deeply specialized scientific and technical field, the focus is always to make complex challenges faced by our customers simpler and easier to tackle by using the most advanced instrumentation and integrated software.

We are focused on bringing value and innovation to your projects and business by allowing you to see beyond the surface. Through our extensive dealer network and global offices, Sensors & Software Inc. is equipped to provide your product and software solutions.

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Dr. Peter Annan

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Peter is the CEO of Sensors & Software. His scientific research has been recognized worldwide with numerous awards for his pioneering work in ground penetrating radar (GPR) instruments and data analysis methods. He has authored numerous scientific publications, patents, and technical reports and served on numerous government and professional committees.

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